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We will be with you about more tips about Tinder at incoming days.

Otherwise your problem will already solved with the tips above.

So don’t hurry to create an another account at the first stage.

It can take some time for the response but it will worth it… If you create a second and if you get detected by Tinder staff, they can show your ban reason as multiple accounts.

You can see the contact tinder step below to get more information about how to do that. If you don’t want to use your Facebook account to bypass Tinder ban, you can swipe/scroll down to see all other solutions for your device. You may not know that online translation services (such as Google Translate or Bing Trabslator or Yandex Translate) allow users to translate also full website addresses into different languages.But when you translate a website to another language, you are never redirected to the remote website, infact you should always see the translation service address in the web browser address bar. You may use this web proxy to quickly check if is down for you or also for other users. You may try to use this fast web proxy site to unblock via web browser and unban your IP address.

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