Intimidating team slogan

That’s because it was translated as ‘Every car has a high quality corpse’, which is definitely not an offer people had seen before!In the 1960s, when advertising and marketing ‘The Jolly Green Giant’ in Saudi Arabia the Arabic was translated as ‘Intimidating Green Monster’, which is certainly not the character the famous sweetcorn company was trying to portray!I’m not sure if any other NFL team has created as strong a brand.5 times translating marketing slogans hasn’t quite gone to plan…

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Phakeng said the university was a place of different ideas, and so there would not be disciplinary action against Mlandu, but there would be broad discussion about the issue on campus in a "restorative" way.

The word in Spanish doesn’t mean embarrassed, it means pregnant, so they actually really embarrassed themselves by saying ‘It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant’.

Ford didn’t communicate their message too well in Belgium when using their slogan ‘Every car has a high quality body’.

Pepsi’s marketing campaign between 19 used ‘Come alive!

You’re in the Pepsi generation’ in an attempt to revive what had become a boring brand and compete with Coca Cola.

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