Intimidating shout warrior

With that in mind, simply drop whatever abilities you don’t have yet from the rotation, but add them in when you’re high enough level to use them.Your top priority will always be to keep Battle Shout applied for the attack power bonus.Instead, what it means is, whenever you must choose between using different skills, try to use the one at the top of the list first.Our list assumes you are running one of the recommended builds from the talents page and are playing a max level character.

The tough and mighty warrior certainly makes for one of the strongest late-game classes for damage or tanking, but it balances out with a fairly weak leveling experience.

Your rotation becomes a little different with multiple targets.

Instead of using Execute right away, you’ll cast Sweeping Strikes for your abilities to hit an additional enemy.

To keep up with the challenge a warrior demands, there are several important things you want to know!

This guide will cover some generalized leveling tips, but we’ll also go in depth on how you want to progress as a warrior, including your talent path, ability training schedule, class quests, and even how you should prioritize stats!

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