Intimidating shout bandage

As most will tell you, the best way to level a Warrior is with Protection spec. With the talent, I found that a non-crit Revenge was hitting harder than a crit Mortal Strike or Overpower. Past 40, Arms and Fury start to catch up, but Prot still remains viable. Revenge, Shield Mastery, etc...pretty much all of the damage-increasing talents and useful damage reduction talents. Yeah, I thought the same thing before I started, but there's a variety of reasons why Prot is the best: -Less damage taken leads to less downtime / less bandages used -Ability to easily pull 4 mobs, leading to faster kill times overall -Revenge. (I had no problems killing people who were even 5-8 levels higher than me, only using Shield Block, Last Stand and a bandage) -Being able to use Charge and Intercept in combat, in any stance, with a talent -Getting a short-CD stun, and at level 60, an even shorter CD stun While Fury and Arms are good with single target damage, Prot excels with Ao E damage, at least around lower levels. Revenge already hits really hard by itself; this talent not only gives it 60% damage, but makes it hit two targets for full damage!

I find that with at least 4 mobs on you, you'll be able to use Revenge on CD.100% block chance and 2x block value will make you pretty much invincible against melee attacks, and grant you at least 3 Revenge procs during its duration.But really, it's pretty straight forward for the most part.BUT IF I USE MY MOUSE TO TURN HOW DO I CLICK REND warriors are monsters with damage :) you do for the 29 minutes after that when retaliate is on cooldown?And using retaliate while tanking an instance could end badly if in an OH **** Moment shield wall is down, also how much damage could you possibly do with that strategy?

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