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Efforts to influence actual testimony or to induce false statements are governed by Penal Code 137 PC California's law against influencing testimony.

There are a variety of legal defenses that your California criminal defense lawyer can present on your behalf.

Many times California domestic violence law cases involve partners who abuse each other.

So while one partner may in fact physically abuse the other, the abused partner may file false charges against the abuser in order to gain an "upper hand";.

This means that if you were unaware that the person was a witness / victim or didn't realize you were engaging in intimidating or threatening behavior, you aren't guilty of this offense.The state punishes groups (that is, two or more people) who engage in criminal activity more heavily than individuals, believing that it is more likely that if multiple people are involved in a criminal plan, the plan will be executed.Force / threats of force Here, it is important to note that if you use or threaten to use force against the alleged one actually suffers an still holds you accountable for this offense.As Palm Springs criminal defense attorney Michael Scafiddi explains, "It's my job to ensure that false allegations are shown for what they really are -- unjust attempts to punish an innocent victim." Insufficient evidence When the prosecutor doesn't have some type of corroborating evidence..example, a letter, a voice recording, or a video...Penal Code 136.1 PC charges are largely based on "he said, she said"; allegations.

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