Internet dating scams nz

Heath was one of a trio who ran a Ponzi investment scheme — a pyramid system where newly invested cash goes to pay off longer-standing investors, keeping them sweet, while a chunk drops into the scammers’ pockets.California prosecutors said the scheme covered about half of the US and caught about 1,800 victims.In many cases, they are new variations of long-running scams. By knowing about these tricks you can help protect yourself and others from falling victims to the scammers.Scam Buster Keith suggested and wrote most of this first issue of Scam Lines and, if you like it, we’ll add a link to each new issue of Scam Lines in Scam Busters.Every week here at Scam, we get scores of reports of scams that have cost their victims millions of dollars or caused untold misery by robbing people of everything from their personal financial details to their kidneys (the kidneys are a joke).

The original check usually bounces and you end up holding the bag.The messages warn of a 0,000 contract killing — and you’re the target. They say you’re being watched (so you can’t contact the police) and give you 24 hours to make contact. The scam: In Garland, TX, a couple of swindlers posing as water company officials invite themselves into private homes to check out the water supply and fixtures.They tell victims they need to buy water purifiers, which the scammers, of course, just happen to have in stock, and then press for an instant purchase.Apart from the sheer cruelty of capturing them, they’re worth next to nothing — there’s an estimated 65,000 of them!They can’t talk either and, sadly, most of them die a short while after being caged.

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