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EDIT #2: I can't thank all of you guys enough!

[PART 2] ( is up, happy Veterans Day to all my brothers and sisters in arms, and thanks to everyone else for making us feel like we accomplished something during our service!

We got the fuck out of there as quickly as we could.

The strangest part was that it was locked with a padlock, and dead bolted from the inside, but there was absolutely no other way out beside the door.. We never figured that one out, but I still think about it all the time.

The last room contained an old metal bed frame, with leather restraints, and wires running off to the opposite corner where a car battery sat.

Also there was an oppressive heaviness in the whole place, like the air had weight.

A couple times though, things would happen that really defied logic or expectation.

Now, understand that throughout this whole period of my life I was almost always sleep deprived, hungry, and under extreme levels of stress.

There were several rooms, all with dried blood covering the floor, smears on the walls, it was evident some horrific shit happened in here.That same night we found another house locked from the inside, bullet holes all over the walls and 'please god help us' written over and over on the wall in arabic, the words were written in red ink, and I swear to god, one of the words was dripping wet red down the wall.Our interpreter said it was a bad place and we noped the fuck back to the COP as quickly as possible.Anyway, theres more strange shit I've seen but I'm on mobile and this is an ass pain to type up.If theres any interest I'll share more from Afghanistan, and other parts.

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