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Most days, I would feel the need to defecate after I had eaten; this was when I initially realised there was no improvement.I struggled to clean myself and felt uncomfortable as my underwear was soiled.I felt sure that, by the time I had my postnatal examination, everything would be back to normal.At the postnatal check, the faecal incontinence was no worse so I did not mention it. I often skipped breakfast and did not eat until mid-morning.It is evident from this case study that nurses require advanced assessment and management skills to help people live with a long-term condition that often goes unrecognised.I am 47 years old and have been married for 28 years. I distinctly remember, after the forceps delivery of our first child, experiencing intense pain in my back passage when my perineum was being sutured.

I was successful in applying for a post that required me to travel.I had had my bowels opened in the morning and stopped leaking mid-afternoon. As I was cleaning my teeth I felt like I needed to go - I did and my bowels opened. I didn’t go out and cried myself to sleep in the spare room after cleaning up my mess.I was struggling to clean myself so decided to have another bath. This went on for approximately four years before I went to see my GP.A polypropylene tape was inserted in the position of the front ligament.Immediately after surgery Miss ‘A’ reported 100% dryness.

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