Ideas for updating my brick fireplace Free swenger chat

Blogger tip: Before beginning the project, Emily took a picture of her fireplace and then used an image-editing program to explore different resurfacing options.We’re suckers for good fakes like synthetic slate roofing, but Ashley, the blogger behind Make It & Love it, had a faux stone fireplace that felt dark, dank, and dated.If you have an ultra modern home or you just love the appeal of cool gadgets and decorative pieces, there are fireplaces that are just right for you.With the onset of more people living in apartments, small homes and places where a natural fireplace doesn’t exist – fireplace manufacturers have a solution.In fact, my mom had a wonderful painting of the wailing wall in Jerusalem on the wood mantel. Let’s cover up that piece-of-shit (sorry) and take a closer look at this room. This bizarre living room is in the same home as the wonderful kitchen we’ve all been dying over!!! Nancy Keye’s magnificent kitchen, shares air space with a giant turd. It was truly amazing as the staircase to the second floor wrapped around it.

Nancy says that she did add one drop of magenta to the gallon mix. It almost disappears except for a touch of texture. There are parts of NJ that are too beautiful for words and Nancy lives in one of them– a stone’s throw from the Ocean–literally! lol I guarantee that the painted stone would not fare so well.It’s the focal point of a room, if not the home, after all. These four bloggers show how creative re-facing can turn a ho-hum or outdated fireplace into a room’s crowning jewel, and something you’ll love for years.Blogger Shannon of Shannon Berrey Design added rustic charm to a faux stone fireplace by re-facing the façade with salvaged wood.{"initial Page Context": , "ga Account Numbers": ["UA-12967896-13"], "resource Data Cache": [, {"data": , "resource": , "response": {"data": {"related_interests": [], "search_debug_data": , "interest_feed": [, , , , , , , {"domain": "", "tracking_params": "Cw ABAAAAEDAz Mz Qw ODEz Nz M4Mz U0OTMA", "image_signature": "07bc7fc01cd8287af2568ab8bd353f78", "images": , "id": "426505027209186361", "description_html": "A beautiful brick fireplace makeover using cement.This contemporary fireplace is the perfect way to update a brick fireplace!

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