I kiss dating goodbye quotes

I was raised at Josh’s church in MD, and thus I have been following this film with interest. My first relationship failed, in part because we "guarded our hearts" too intently.

This is a minor source of heartbreak for me, which ironically is exactly what courtship was supposed to help me avoid.

Josh's ability not only to face his critics, but to examine the influences on his own thoughts and beliefs when he wrote the book is refreshing.

This film is definitely worth the watch and the book is definitely still worth the read We've watched this excellent documentary with a bunch of other Christians and had a wonderful evening.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye effectively "turned the Christian singles scene upside down" and continues to shape the consciousness of how Christians view singleness, dating, and the roadmap to marriage.

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I still believe there were and are some very good biblical principles in the book and I plan on continuing to use the book with my children.

I was a young Christian with 1 young child when the book was written and it was incredibly helpful book for me to reevaluate the worlds system of dating.

Thanks for the book & film Sorry, by English is not perfect.

I am now fond of the CS Lewis quote: To love at all is to be vulnerable.2.

Josh and Jessica did well by examining IKDG in light of the larger cultural influences that were present in 1999, as the story of the purity movement is bigger than IKDG.3.

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