How to automate updating cyclades

To get a local perspective, Tara’s team sought the opinion of Choi Yeeting, National Climate Change Coordinator to the President for Kiribati.

Yeeting tells us a common saying instilled in Kiribati youth, “Nangoa Wagm Nte Tauraoi” – Be ready at all costs. Personally speaking, that is how I see it for my country. The worst-case scenario would be having to evacuate Kiribati.

A young boy scaled a coconut tree to harvest fresh young coconuts for the Tara crew.

As Tara’s scientists took in the surroundings of this lost paradise, a lump formed in the back of some of their throats.

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Here coral lives in waters whose temperatures are influenced by a volcanic environment where thermal stresses combine.It confirmed the extraordinary biodiversity and health of coral polyps in these very warm waters, averaging around 30° C.Another question of particular interest to the researchers on board here: Why doesn’t the coral undergo bleaching in such warm waters?We’ve had the chance to sail safely by them, including the most destructive ones, Vulcan and Tavurvur, close to the new Rabaul.Fumaroles are still escaping from the Vulcan caldera, with the strong smell of sulfur.

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