How accurate are dating scans in pregnancy

The test may be positive as early as 8-10 days after ovulation. The early ones are thought to be more accurate than later in pregnancy.

During the first trimester, the dates are within about a week of the actual conception date.Later in the second trimester, you can be at least 2 weeks off.If you were to present for your first sono in the third trimester there can be 3 or more weeks of uncertainty of dates. Read more It's always a good idea to get it confirmed by your doctor but they are pretty similar to the ones we use in our office.From what I have been told, early u/s is the best way to pinpoint the gestation of the baby.I had my first scan this pg at what I thought was 7wk 5d the scan backdated me to 7wk 1d- I knew this couldn't be right as I would have got my BFP on 4dpo.

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