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The way I see it is that you want to know your kids are your own, for the sake of Darwin, and that's it.

A relationship is kept for the sake of the children and you do what you have to in order that everyone benefits.

These days it is not uncommon to have to relieve a distracting erection several times a day in the loos as well as have more and better sex with the wife.

I've managed to keep communicating with the wife and we are coming up with joint ideas to be more adventurous.

Many women believe that i want to 'pimp' or 'whore' them to my friends, but it isn't like that at all - my sexuality is one that requires my female partners to be promiscuous. Sadly due to a combination of a botched medical procedure on her cervix and her regular lover moving away our sex life has taken a bit of a hit.

It is unusual, and I haven't met many other men who 'need' their partners to 'sleep around' [I use these terms in quote marks because I'm not happy with the shallowness of the language - it's much deeper], and always, always, consensually and without pressure. Thankfully I met and married a woman who not only listened and tried to understand, but accepted me and took lovers. This naturally has lead to some tension, but we talk, and through kindness and love and support, we're making our way through it.

The thoughts come and go but seem to linger longer each time they come. I think it is the people who obsess over fidelity who have the problem.Right now, things have change, and that thing which has changed is that your sexual 'adventurousness' has migrated to another level.If you don't give the fantasy much attention, it may fade away Kevin I like the adea that it is generally symptomatic of increased lbido and adventurousness rather than of deeper meaning.We're planning on taking my best friend on holiday in the autumn, to share our lifestyle with him.Talking is by far the most important thing in this context.

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