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my wife is horny and she needs some dick and I can't provide it and apparently she likes you, so would you be willing to fuck her... I was flabbergasted at first, but they both said they were fine with it if I didn't mind.

His wife was a bit on the heavy side, but still quite nice, so I agreed.

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That was just about the end of my marriage to that deadbeat I obviously don't believe for a second this is a husband/wife. I'd love to bring another man into our bedroom and watch him screw my wife's brains out.

but some times he decided not to watch and that is when she really got nasty, wanting to be fucked in the ass since her husband would never do it.

on dirais mon collègue de travail avec ma femme quand il viens dîner chez nous et la baise bcp mieux et longtemps que moi avec sa grosse bite !!!!!!!! My only issue here is she looked in the camera the entire time. Its great to play it all cool, but the truth is, Id probably sound like that guy too if I was fucking this chick.

je les mate souvent cacher dans le dressing ma femme l'adore et jouis si bien avec lui Her mouth is not broke,but her pussy is.

After I fucked her for over two hours, my buddy said that was the most excitement he had in several years.

The wife was in agreement that she hadn't been fucked that good since college.

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