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In 2013, Holly Madison was married to her fiance Pasquale Rotella.

Madison began her career from modeling before establishing herself as an actress.

Madison is currently married and is a proud mother of two children.

When Madison was 2, she with her family moved to Craig, Alaska. To afford her college fees she worked in various places.

Madison was part of a bikini parade where she and Las Vegas Mayor, Socar Goodman led the Guinness World Record-breaking parade.

She also appeared in the show, Peepshow by Jerry Mitchell, one of the longest-running show at Planet Hollywood.

As for Zak Bagans, little to nothing is known about his relationship history. He added the bed on which Lamar Odom overdoses to his queer collection.

American model, TV personality, actress, author Holly Madison is best known for her roles in the movies and TV series like The Girls Next Door, Hollys World and Telling among others.

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