Hippister dating

You’ll get tired of splitting the bill all the time when you would never normally fork over this kind of dough for food.

Even junk food is super costly: Brooklyn hipsters came up with a chocolate bar that will set you back .

Just try bringing your hipster boyfriend to your best friend's birthday party and see what happens.

He’s going to end up insulting at least one of your friends and telling her that she should like less popular bands and stop shopping at chain stores.

And what’s so wrong with liking popular music and TV shows – aren’t they popular for a reason?

You’ll get a lot of lectures about how you’re following “the man” and not being unique enough.

The most attractive quality in a potential love interest? Unfortunately, hipsters may think they’re totally authentic, but they’re actually the complete opposite.

You definitely don’t want to date a hipster guy with a beard if you value your time, because you’ll be waiting for them to finish grooming their face.

Hipsters can’t just get a happy meal from Mc Donald’s or order a pepperoni pizza and call it dinner. They need hipster food – aka craft beer and anything served at a super pricey gastro pub. The problem is this type of food definitely doesn’t come cheap.

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