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Limitations of the software have produced mixed results for businesses, but the deter-o-bot has proven good enough at its job.“It helps that the guys who are buying sex are not paying much attention to the human being on the other end of the phone,” says Beiser, of Seattle Against Slavery.

Microsoft itself stumbled with its Tay research chatbot that accidentally started talking dirty, but the sex-trade bot does not learn from people it talks to in the same way.

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Roe-Sepowitz says that while education and deterrence make sense, it’s been hard to prove what tactics are most effective.

“The hope is to get this activity down and protect a lot of people,” says Beiser.

Tom Simonite is a senior writer for WIRED in San Francisco covering artificial intelligence and its effects on the world.

Seattle Against Slavery is also distributing a second service developed by Project Intercept, called Victim Reachout.

It harvests phone numbers from real online sex ads, and automatically sends messages to sex workers offering support or assistance getting out of the trade.

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