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After having talked to her a bit I decided that I was going to ask her.

This was with the intention that I even if she rejected me I would at least have tried.

Perhaps with the right lighting they might still be readable, perhaps not.

In any case, you should still have a technical reference number engraved on the inside of the caseback: larger digits underneath the Piaget Swiss/Key and Helvetia hallmarks/18K 750 hallmarks; it will be probably 3 digits based on age rather than 4, and starting with a 9.

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So, when you're tired of online dating, where do you meet people? Remember our rules, be sure to include ages and genders if you need help with a specific situation. Idk if it's because I'm the only child or don't have a lot of close friends in the city. Initially, I did have my walls up and just wanted to have fun but I believe I'm a little grown up now and atleast want to date a guy and not just keep going on some random dates. Yesterday was a bit different however, I joined a mixed group to play a few games of pool.

He asked me over for a booty call so I drove over and we ended up staying up playing until we were exhausted and he told me I could stay over instead of driving home tired, he cuddled me, would grab for me in bed and call me "baby" he asked about my friends and family and asked if he would ever meet my friends, then before I left in the morning he got me coffee and kept grabbing me for hugs and asked me to text him i got home safe...

Not interested in value (I might prefer to never know), and authenticity is pretty much settled.

What I'm looking for is a date [range] of manufacture and sale.

The watch has a good story to the family, and I'd like to confirm its plausibility. Well I can't speak officially for Piaget, but based on my many years experience as a watchmaker working on Piaget watches I can offer some details. This is quite early as the 9P was only introduced in 1957.

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