Healthy dating relationships signs

However, a sign of a healthy, balanced relationship is freedom from needing each other.

When you’re content as the individual person that God has made you to be, you can be confident in your identity and not feel tempted to become dependent on your significant other.

You know – the couples who still flirt with each other even after fifty years of marriage, and hold hands on the way out to the car?

What they have is a balanced relationship, and unfortunately it is not all that common.

This means being able to be vulnerable with another person and trust that they will value your experience.

We often think that trust is built in a huge, pivotal moment in a relationship.

But it is attainable with just a little awareness and understanding.” Unbalance and dependency can cause a lifetime of hurt.

What many people don’t see is that “by making some simple realizations and changes about the way you relate to your partner, you can change your entire life for the better,” Dr. “Living in an interdependent relationship gives you both respect and nurturing.” “To enter into the life of another person, even when that person forms part of our life, requires the delicacy of a non-intrusive attitude, that renews trust and respect.

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