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Yes, you read that right, according to a report on a leading entertainment portal Spotboye.com, Sriti is dating television heartthrob actor Kunal Karan Kapoor who is Sriti Jha’s ex-boyfriends Harshad Chopra‘s best friend.

It seems as if now Harshad and Kunal’s who were BFF for so long have ended their friendship and they are not in talking terms now, which is sad!

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ALSO READ: Karan Patel-Ankita Bhargava, Vivek Dahiya-Mona Singh, Krystle D Souza, Sriti Jha & Ruhaanika: These TV actors nailed the Beat Pe Booty challenge A source was quoted by Spotboy which said that Sriti and Kunal’s relationship is official.

Sriti and Harshal relationship hit the rocky path as Harshad felt that her girlfriend Sriti was getting attracted towards Kunal.

Karan Patel Everybody's favorite Raman from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Karan Patel is presently married to Ankita Bhargava who earlier in a relationship with actor Aman Verma, who is now married to actress Vandana Lalwani.Roaming in the same circle, we wonder what they do when their ex and present partners are both TV stars and bump into each other in parties and worse, end up working in the same show.Here are a few TV celebrities and the other celebrity they dated in past and the TV celebs they are with now.I wanted to date Divya Bharti, I really loved her when I was young, was devastated when she died. Rumours irritates me because it means that some of my fans and friends must think I'm lying. It’s one of my favorite things to do and can't live without. I think everybody's got better choice of dressing than me. There are so many (laughs) Which part of your body do you treasure the most? That I don't pick up the phone One word that describe your personality? If you ask Aasiya Kazi to describe me in one word, she would say ‘Thinker’. I believe in this: either convince me, or get convinced by me. I also like Kajol’s softness and her smile, she is too brilliant I respect her a lot. I believe Journalists need to be reminded of their role to provide accurate, reliable and timely news about actors. Eyes, because they never lies and it reflects what you're within. If you could invite one actor over dinner, who could it be?

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