Han ji won dating

Yes, the name is On Joo-wan (born Song Jeong-sik on December 11th, 1983) and he is a South Korean actor who won widespread praise for his leading role in the film The Peter Pan Formula, and also appeared in My Mighty Princess, 12 Signs of Love, and The Five.

The actors became friends after appearing in the film “Chinatown” together.

Although they are in an industry where dating rumors circulate constantly, here are a couple of guy-girl duos in the Korean entertainment industry who are known to simply be good friends.

These SM Entertainment labelmates are said to have become friends after going through the same hardships from overseas promotions after debuting.

Amber and Henry are so close that people consider them not to be just best friends but like brother and sister.

The two are originally both from SM Entertainment and collaborated on songs such as “Happy Holidays” and “1-4-3.” During Henry’s appearance on “I Live Alone,” Amber emerged several times because he kept facetiming her.

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