Hack a dating site

I became eager to test out their systems, and see if they could at all stop me.

On this, website I was allowed to send friend request kind of thing to another users who I was interested in, but that was it.

Without paying for full membership, you’ll only be able to look at how compatible you are, smile at people, and send pre-defined ice-breaking messages such as “If you are famous, who would you be?

” or “If you had one last day in your life, what would you do? If they did reply, you wouldn’t know what they replied or be able to send a personal message unless if you pay.

Once you have those credits in your account then you can use it according to your wishes.

You can send messages but you still would have to pay again if you want to send something special like in-website cards, gifts and special emojis.

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Seems that they did a good job here in knowing that I am not using the proper SSL certificates and that I am performing a man in the middle attack.

I have tried few of the most famous online dating apps and they did not appeal to me. That really intrigued me into seeing how this works.

You’d register, answer tens of questions about yourself, then they’d show you some matches with blurred photos, telling you that they have something like 95% compatibility with you.

So I thought: Hmm, let’s see how smart these “smart” people are.

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