Guy from method on world series of dating

Cory gets upset when Topanga has a crush on his older brother, Eric, in She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.

Though his brother thinks it's jealousy, Cory insists he doesn't want her hanging around.

When Cory ruined his hair in an attempt to straighten it, she was the only one at school who didn't laugh at him (at least not initially).

As the title hints, in My Best Friend’s Girl, Cory finds out Shawn asked Topanga out to a school film screening.Later on, in What I Meant to Say, Cory tells Topanga he loves her but she quickly shuts down, avoids him, and even tries to break up with him.It's not until he shows up at her house, to get his jean jacket, that he finds out she's scared everything is getting too serious and she doesn't even know what "love" means to them.After getting paired with Topanga at a make out party, they talk instead of kiss and word gets out at school.Topanga respected him for it but Cory just feels like a loser so, with some prompting from Eric, he takes Topanga to a poetry reading, where the atmosphere was supposed to be more low-key and less pressure.

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