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I have an event handler for On Selected Index Changed for my Drop Down List but it does not seem to be firing.I tried setting Auto Post Back = True, but when I do, the postback resets the selectedvalue back to the original value (probably because of the databinding). I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for... Andwhen one of these command buttons is cliked it must go to proper page.aspdotnet-suresh offers C#articles and tutorials,csharp dot net,articles and tutorials, VB.Simply bind the selectedvalue property of the ddl to the correct column based on your update statement &/or if you are binding the grid in page_load make sure you do that inside of an if (! I did this because I could not put a breakpoint on the below event hander You don't want to post back when the drop down is changed, if you are switching to Edit mode, then selecting a value, then hitting the Update button, then you should capture the value of the drop down in the Data Grid's On Row Updating function, using the Find Control function.

NET 2.0 Basics section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. ================================================== ========= Read this if you want to know how to get a correct reply for your question: ========= Technical Editor for: Beginning Visual C# 2008 Professional Search Engine Optimization with ASP. NET Integrated Programming Wrox Blox: Introduction to Google Gears Wrox Blox: Create Amazing Custom User Interfaces with WPF and . First you put hidden field in Edit Item Template where u have put the Dropdownlist.What I have is a Grid View inside a Web User Control.Since you want to see if everything else updates, you could take the On Row Updating="" out of the datagrid tag, that may be messing things up since it might not be firing the default update events.Once you get the other fields updating, the dropdown list should update with no problems, since you are using Bind().

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