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But in my book, I show that the women who perform erotic magic all seem to be courtesans and prostitutes, and almost never wives and daughters of citizen men.

He holds an MA in Political Philosophy and is the Publishing Director at AHE.

Thus courtesans appear, in the Greek world at least, to be autonomous, free-thinking women in a culture that didn't have that category of women.

In my book I suggest that as a result it was easier for men to categorize or construct them as male, or for the courtesans themselves to take on that role.

That's the sociological frame, but when you're working in the ancient world there are no certainties because we don't have a lot of good evidence even for this kind of marriage.

Faraone: Yes, we do have a handful of examples of actual spells, and quite a few literary descriptions, such as Theocritus' second Idyll, a poem imitated most famously by Vergil in his seventh Eclogue.

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