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The romantic country of Greece is known for its unique Greek Orthodox marriage ceremonies filled with symbolism.But marriages are proceeded by a time of courtship.

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Today, a vestige of the tradition survives in the "kidnapping" of the bride by the family or friends of the groom.Greek boys can do no wrong in the eyes of their Greek mothers. 10 Gauge whether or not yours is a ‘good’ Greek girl or a ‘bad’ Greek girl If she’s good, you’re in for a treat and will soon be learning all about her culture and traditions, and she might even let you watch her make some kourabiedes.If she’s a ‘bad’ Greek – like me – she sometimes might just string along the twelve-or-so Greek words she knows and adjust tone accordingly to sound fluently displeased and super cultured.Called "Kamaki," the men propositioned female tourists on islands such as Rhodos and Crete.Kamaki are featured in the films "Colossi of Love" and "The Parisienne." The website Keep Talking Greek suggests that young men 30 or 40 years ago had less difficulty wooing tourists than the more traditional Greek woman.

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