Graham wardle and amber marshall dating laboratory eight dating of rocks fossils and geologic events

Graham himself revealed Allison is not on social media with this post; Here is another pic Graham posted of himself and wife. This is my wife Alison and I arriving at the Premier of Heartland Season 10 at the Calgary International Film Festival.

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Amber Marshall, on the other hand, is also a married woman. Their marriage to separate people is almost unbelievable to Heartland fans.And the fact it just goes on and on and on is incredible.”Marshall stars as Amy Fleming, who with sister Lou Fleming (Michelle Morgan), grandfather Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston), and husband Ty Borden (Graham Wardle), lives the highs and lows of an Alberta ranch.It is based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke.Well I guess its not Amy and Ty, Its Amber and Graham”In another instance in 2013, a Heartland fan called out another fan for suggesting that Amber and Graham should date in real life.keanaboobonna: “WHY CANT U DATE IN REAL LIFE LIKE PLEASE”He got this reply;_heartland_786_: “@keanaboobonna You need to understand that both Amber and Graham are in love with different people. ”Though Graham answers questions from his fans through Simple text message, he can be very private when it comes to his personal life.They are both happily married and I’m sure they get annoyed when people tell them to date in real life. His wife Allison Wardle is not a celebrity and also doesn’t own a social media account, making it incredibly difficult to obtain information about her.

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