Gps map updating work around

The new location tracker feature can be enabled by using GPS on your smartphone and tapping the blue dot in Google Maps.

Select Share location and how long you want to share it for.

It would take almost a billion 1280×960 computer monitors to display the entire map at once!

Google doesn’t have a fixed schedule of updates, or if it does, it doesn’t release that information to the public.

It is a simple but very effective little tool if you are into maps or are curious as to when the Street View image of your house will be updated.

As with the regular Google Maps program, Google does not release the exact update schedule for Google Street View.

You then send a link to whomever you want to share it with. I guess they’d need another division to handle that amount of info and/or some areas aren’t as important than others…. What’s really baffling is that it’s “Google”…….probably the most known brand in the world, if not top 2 or 3.

All this information is put into a copy of Earth Engine, which crunches all the data and creates the map.

The Landsat program is government-funded but the data it gathers is available to the entire world.

Have you ever looked up your home or school or other place of interest on Google Maps, zoomed in, and exclaimed “Hey! ” Maybe you put in or took out a swimming pool, or your neighbor’s old red barn burned down two years ago—yet there’s the old view of the property from space. Well, of course, Google Maps doesn’t update in real-time, or even with a great deal of frequency.

In fact, for some places, the maps may be years out of date!

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