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And on the consumer side, Google's combining its messaging efforts into the new Google Chat app.

Here's how to start using Google's Hangouts Meet and Chat apps today—and which of Google's The best thing to come out the Google social network experiment was Hangouts.

Unlike Google Hangouts' often dark interface, Meet puts its tools in a bright white toolbar.

You can turn off your camera, mute your mic, or share your screen—and you can see each call participant on the right side of your screen.

Its window selector reminds us of Zoom—and it's actually part of the webpage, even though it looks like a separate window.

Google Meet worked well in our tests—much the same as traditional Hangouts.

→ Then, Hangouts Meet has a text chat sidekick: Google Hangouts Chat at the easy-to-remember chat.

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For the most part, Meet is the same as Hangouts' video calls—only with a fresh new design focused just on video chat.

You'll make groups that are focused on the team you invite to chat. Instead of posting new chat messages as followups to things posted earlier, you'll reply directly to older conversations or start new conversations when you have something new to talk about.

Or you can message individuals for one-to-one chats inside your company.

You can do this through the Google Voice website, or you can use the Google Voice app on i Phone and Android phones.

Google Voice is free to use, but you must have a Google account in order to use Google Voice.

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