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The reports that these laws could end up costing that city millions more if other pending suits are not settled out of court.

Houston, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh all have wrestled with this issue in the past year, at great cost to their taxpayers.

“And guys, don’t forget to take advantage of our Saturday night two-for-one specials….” The three or four “guys” in the audience don’t budge, and they hardly seem to notice when Julie takes the stage at the beginning of the next song.

There are private rooms for those who are a bit more discreet and, of course, a fully equipped dungeon with crucifix and leather cat-o’-nine-tails.Her body begins to shake as the man continues to pound her relentlessly. This is the second floor of the Tennessee Social Club at 1 a.m. Downstairs, the dance floor is packed and half-naked women are grinding and kissing to T-Pain’s “I’m in Love With a Stripper.” Meanwhile, older couples, some partially naked, sit together with friends, watching the scenery while laughing or fondling each other’s dates under the cocktail tables.The woman’s hand slaps the mattress again and again as her body trembles. The club has been part of this city’s sex culture for over 20 years.The clothed woman sips out of the cup while laughing and talking with a man who, also fully clothed, is lying next to her. ” A chuckle goes through the dozen or so men and women who surround the bed.Amid this act, the half-naked woman narrates, saying that her sexual suitor is “fucking me so hard.” “I know! Then a wail erupts from the woman, her face mashing into her friend’s lap and contorting in beet-red ecstasy.

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