George boedecker dating taylor swift

and told cops to "Go f*%k yourselves in the ass." George, who the Smoking Gun claims was wearing flip flops at the time, concluded that the cops had made an "enemy for life" and would "f*%king die." Wow.This story is almost as embarrassing as people over age 7 wearing Crocs.

But rather than own up to his mistakes and accept responsibility, he blamed his 'girlfriend'.... According to Gawker, Boedecker was arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving when he was found passed out in his Porsche. police woke him up to question him, the CEO tried to pin the blame on country music's sweetheart.

In 2006, the Post reports, he was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor trespassing and threatening bodily injury after he allegedly called his sister’s ex-husband, a Boulder defense lawyer, saying, “I’m going to slit your throat.” Crocs issued a statement saying Boedecker had resigned from its board of directors the day before his 2006 arrest.

As for the latest incident, he is now free on 0 bond.

then asked officers if they were "familiar with Taylor Swift." When asked for his address, Boedecker reportedly replied, "I have 17 f*%king homes." Apparently the man has sold a lot of hole-filled sandals.

Police proceeded to arrest him for DUI, at which point Boedecker said he "knew his f*cking rights" ...

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