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It’s so cathartic to watch this story told in someone else’s life..— Jocandraw (@jocandraw) August 6, 2019Alongside the outpouring of responses from women who felt well reflected, some viewers were quick to point out that not all narratives surrounding single women over the age of 30 have to be completely negative, despite society's insistence that being without partner or child spells bad news. That's where I feel she is, it's not resolved but she's going to be okay.Thankfully, even though we don't see Hannah's future play out, Chan has a good feeling about where her story would have gone beyond those final scenes when she decides to keep moving forward alone, with herself as the only priority. "She has more freedom at the end than she did at the beginning," Chan said. She was adventurous – in fact she messaged me first when she was on holiday in Thailand a place that I had always wanted to visit, I have since been with her and it was great.There’s little more for Hannah to do than to say she’s happy for her, but the repressed pain in her face as she looks down at her mate’s baby hits almost too hard.

For the 23rd issue of An Other Man Magazine, Gemma contributed a feature article about her early life growing up with Harry.In the article, she talked about what he was like before fame, and recalled the day Harry was placed into One Direction, stating: "I stayed nearby [the arena] so that when the call came and he was out of the competition, I could go and commiserate, take him home to Cheshire and school, and back to his normal life. He has just kept on winning and winning - maybe not The X Factor, but there's no denying he's golden. He grew up, and all of our memories became his origin story". Hannah (played by Gemma Chan), is a thirtysomething single woman.Despite our objective understanding as an audience that Hannah can do whatever she wants, with whoever she wants, whenever she feels ready, woven into the almost mechanical function of online dating is the endgame: having children. But is it something that Hannah feels she should be working towards anyway?It's a pressure that Hannah's acutely aware of and Hannah’s mother, who is desperate for grandchildren, isn’t shy about reminding her that the fertility clock is ticking. I think we all feel the answer to that one in our ovaries.

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