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This child must have some magic powers to get away with this crap and even get rewarded for it. Michelle's pink bike went missing, so all of the guys go out and search for it. You couldn't have just took Michelle along to make sure? O_______________OOh yeah, I can totally see GM1 stalking a group of people (AKA, us), and following us/them around just because god forbid we don't entertain him 24/7.

They each bring home what they think is Michelle's bike, and none of them were hers. Also, Jesse acts like a total a****** to that one kid too. And Michelle and Teddy sneaking out of the house, and waltzing into a restaurant like that completely unsupervised?

Other than that, the rest of the episode (including the eavesdropping subplot), was lame.

And next to go is "Bachelor of the Month." Like the episode eliminated above, this episode showcases yet again, more of Michelle's co dependency.

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And Part 2 was even more obnoxious than Part 1 too.Methinks the producers should've just turned to Catherine the Great for a proper ending to a show. ^_^ :afro: And next to go is "A Date with Fate." What was the point of this episode again? And the subplot was even worse with Jesse trying to teach the kids some stupid Mother's Day song. And that's not the only reason I hate this episode too. Season 5: Double Trouble Matchmaker Michelle Take My Sister, Please Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?It was just DJ and Danny going on their respective blind dates, and neither of those dates work out. Then he whines like a petulant man baby when it doesn't go his way. Can we take a second to LOOK at the "date" DJ had for that 80s themed restaurant? The level of squick and creepy there is astonishing and unsettling. Poor casting, poor writing, and there was zero point to this episode. The King and IThe Volunteer Gotta Dance Happy Birthday Babies (Part 2)Bachelor of the Month Easy Rider Sisters in Crime Play It Again, Jesse Crushed Spellbound Too Much Monkey Business The Devil Made Me Do It Driving Miss D. Yours, Mine and Ours The Trouble with Danny Five's a Crowd Girls Will Be Boys Season 6: Come Fly With Me The Long Goodbye Lovers and Other Tanners Educating Jesse Trouble in Twin Town The Play's the Thing Nice Guys Finish First I'm Not D. Designing Mothers A Very Tanner Christmas The Dating Game Birthday Blues Be True to Your Preschool Silence is Not Golden Subterranean Graduation Blues Room for One More Prom Night Season 7: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night The Apartment Wrong-Way Tanner Tough Love Fast Friends Smash Club: The Next Generation Another Opening, Another No Show The Prying Game The Bicycle Thief Support Your Local Parents The Perfect Couple Is It True About Stephanie?It was all about the entire family saying s*** like "I feel so bad for Michelle," and "Ever since Michelle's accident...." It's only amnesia guys, she'll recover.It was just a big old pity party and ass patting on how Michelle is so "special." It was just like Part 1 of "Happy Birthday Babies" all over again.

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