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You can withdraw up to 10% of your credit limit in cash, or .

But you will need to obtain a PIN from First Premier before performing this type of transaction, known as a cash advance.

I think that people with poor credit always have a negative insight on policies, hence the negative reviews on most of these cards for bad credit holders.

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But if you do decide to perform a cash advance, at least make sure to use one of First Premier’s 24,000 surcharge-free ATM locations: https://firstpremier.com/locations/.This would have been nice to know before I set up an auto payment for my phone bill.When I called customer service regarding this issue I was told if I paid wirh a debit card by phone the payment would post immediately.My available credit is still at where it was before I made my payment a week after I made the payment. My question is when does my available credit go back to 0? After the grocery store incident I called them and they said that shouldn’t had happened and to call next time available credit isn’t processing correctly. I'm definitely going to pay this card off and only spend like for gas to keep the points going up.Other than that ver disappointed in the FIRST PREMIER they seem to be rip offs putting you in more debt than you start with.

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