From diapers to dating 50 rules

Fill baby bottles with the beverage of your choice-beer for the guys at a grown-ups' party and apple juice for the kids at a family baby shower.

Then, give everyone a bottle and on the count of three they must suck the bottles dry as quickly as possible.

As you greet each guest, give each a diaper pin to wear on his or her shirt.

Once all of your guests have arrived, tell everyone that they can't say 'baby' for the duration of the shower (or until it's time to open presents).

Ask the mom and dad for answers to twenty questions-make sure to do this with the significant other nowhere in sight!

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Ask each to guess the answer their partner gave to each question-before polling the audience to see who thinks the answer is correct. Let them know they'll be drawing a picture of the baby, and the best sketch will win.If anyone hears someone else saying the forbidden word, he or she can steal the rule breaker's pin.At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins a gift.Pink cheeks and rosy memories abound when you play this game at your baby shower.You'll need to set the wheels in motion as you send out invitations to the shower.

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