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Attached: 117751a1eb0ccd3fae0a1672c26bf25(249 KB, 992x1403) There is another JK game after, so I don't mind. Attached: 1504073013732(257 KB, 660x794) you asked what happened and that's literally what happened you fucking faggot retard, and you'd know that S O Y is filtered to onions if you hadn't just gotten here from reddit you cock sucking shit heel I'll play it sometime, I assume it'll work pretty good out the box from Go G.

Very shielded jedi boosting at incredibly hihg speed is fun.

Had to kill off the yellow run at the end because he made several mistake fighting lance/gary (don't remember which fight) and reseted 2 times. Some people keep trying to say it was some incredible trainwreck but clearly those people haven't seen an actual trainwreck at GDQ. Go G is normally pretty good with that sort of thing.

Okay, so importantly, you don't need to purchase/donate anything to be entered to win the prizes at GDQ. Usually you have to send postcards as the "non-purchasing option" in giveaways like this. They went 10 minutes over estimate and killed off the Yellow run at the very end and that's it. I've only ever had minor issues that were easily fixed, as opposed to not being able to run something at all and giving up.

Attached: 1502797420101(1.35 MB, 1024x1280) Good night, I'll take a nap at some point so I stay awake, till then I hope the thread is entertaining enough. Attached: 95f8176be81674ab8d6bfcfded2477(381 KB, 877x1240) How's ratchet and clank as a series to speedrun?

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I'd just like to throw a big shoutout to Amazon Prime, you can get a free trial of Twitch Prime right now with a free sub to any channel. Attached: (153 KB, 394x492) You need to be pretty good if you want to make any money off of it, if a deviant art tier western artist tried charging 100$ for something they'd never get any work (unless you're willing to take wierd/disgusting furry shit they love to pay for anyone who will take their stuff no matter the skill for price ratio)Attached: 1507496530249(152 KB, 850x1210) what is there to talk about lol he gave his friend his perscription (very illegal) which also happened to be weed (also illegal in the state they were in) and people ended up having to call 911 to get him to a hospital on site, what he did was a colossal fuck up deserving of a ban And now imagine kotaku being linked on Pow Forums several times a day.

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Emptyeyes NSMB Wii at AGDQ 2013 was bad MWvs Terrible casual co-op run where the dude's wife just bubbles herself and shakes the controller most of the time (allows you to just float through the level).

Awkward commentary, generally kind of an unpleasant vibe. Really strange, never seen anything like that happen before.

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