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We use evidence-based therapies to help people with sex addiction and relationship issues. Our mental health professionals address all the issues you’re facing.You’ll move forward with self-acceptance and healthier relationships.The beautiful scenery around our campus offers self-reflection and connections with nature.Attention to trauma and shame – Shame and trauma often go with sex addiction.Additionally, each client has a licensed and highly experienced female therapist specifically dedicated to guiding her throughout her stay.Our sex and love addiction program for women includes: We treat love and sex addiction in women simultaneously with co-occurring issues, such as substance abuse, emotional trauma, eating disorders and other addictions.We follow a small, community-based model that encourages women to develop healthy, non-sexual relationships with other women in treatment.Within this community, women live together, eat together and participate in intensive group therapy as a unit, developing healthy bonds that nurture trust and self-care.

Whether single or working together with a spouse or partner, women learn healthy boundaries and begin working toward genuine self-esteem and stable intimacy.This allows us to diagnose and treat all co-occurring mental health conditions.Couples and family therapy – Sex addiction and intimacy disorders have a profound impact on your relationships.Call 888-477-6285 to learn more about specialized intimacy, sex and relationship addiction treatment for women at The Ranch.Treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment of each client’s life, relationship and sexual history, which is used throughout treatment to help clients develop more loving relationships, greater intimacy and healthy sexuality.

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