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Sediments of the New Zealand Geosyncline form the oldest rocks in the North Island.The zones in New Zealand are defined by trenches in the north and in the south and by the Alpine Fault which connects the two.About 85 million years ago a rift valley formed to separate the New Zealand region from the rest of Gondwana, resulting in the formation of a new ocean floor by means of and by the Oligocene period (about 35 million years ago) most of the country was submerged.Widespread tectonic activity continued from 10 million years ago to the modern, and during this time the principal mountain ranges of both islands were uplifted and New Zealand began taking its modern shape.Indeed, our site is the perfect fit for those Indian Australians who see shared heritage as just of the important pieces that help make up a great match.

The break-up, Cretacous to Oligocene period (99 to 24 million years ago) This period is characterised by a long period of weathering and erosion of the mountains that were formed during the preceding orogeny, so much so that some places were reduced to so called , that is areas of low relief.

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The New Zealand Geosyncline, Carboniferous to Jurassic period (about 330 to 142 million years ago) During this time enormous thicknesses of sediment accumulated, extending northwest from New Zealand to New Caledonia and south far below the South Island.

Radiocarbon dating is the technique upon which chronologies of the late Pleistocene and Holocene have been built.

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