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The exploit-command will be identified by the parameters --command-vul/ --command-all as _EXPLOIT_ --replace Replace values ​​in the target and (SELECT user, Password from limit 0,1)=1' --replace 'main.php?

Example: --ifemail Usage: --ifemail br --url-reference Define referring URL in the request to send him against the target.--cms-check Enable simple check if the url / target is using CMS.

- Set your target with command --target - Set your file with command -o Explicative: Source file values: /admin///Demo: If it shows the code 200 will be separated in the output file DEFAULT ERRORS: [*]JAVA INFINITYDB, [*]LOCAL FILE INCLUSION, [*]ZIMBRA MAIL, [*]ZEND FRAMEWORK, [*]ERROR MARIADB, [*]ERROR MYSQL, [*]ERROR JBOSSWEB, [*]ERROR MICROSOFT, [*]ERROR ODBC, [*]ERROR POSTGRESQL, [*]ERROR JAVA INFINITYDB, [*]ERROR PHP, [*]CMS WORDPRESS, [*]SHELL WEB, [*]ERROR JDBC, [*]ERROR ASP, [*]ERROR ORACLE, [*]ERROR DB2, [*]JDBC CFM, [*]ERROS LUA, [*]ERROR INDEFINITE --dork Defines which dork the search engine will use.

-s Specify the output file where it will be saved the vulnerable URLs.

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