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duo to inllalion, there is little hope that tliiff^ownward trend will continue Does Idaho Power recommend the Initalfation el ' underground service? wo encourage il lor new residonlial devel- opmenls 11 is far n^f0.Ucal-LD_inalall uni SQt: . Sta Wttii; will lie avatlnhic at- Abtiul 2'2 volunteers now are ,414^1' i pal 111 t{ ill the ilolline projt'Cl , wlivre trouh! .'U"^Jj.'.,y]iier.s(iiial priililcins He said alidiil ^tl [k'lsuns could \n; utlli/t'd, that novnhinleer would liave to wiirk more (ban one nitiht per ttioiilti Traioinit .sessions are planned for new vnlunleefs, be said Kelly Bond, puldicit) director for' tin: Antique Theatre, iiu-t « ilh the tircaif) to (lis Tiic ro-sli T nf potentials, laileed. ■ 50-prrrlr-iind thr- season will do,se ivilli Hurlev Auk. Other perforiiiiince.s include Idaho i''all.s on 12.

ground lines before iho construclion ol homes and driveways, and Ihe planting ol lawns, trees tint! Surr Valley Horsemen's Center will serve as host for the season's first Son Valk'y area horse Juru' :i O-Jiily L . A new IHJA appi'ove class this year i.s Rnr Oish plea^iire ffir 3(1 and over. jiiterestt'tl ma y llljnti'XL memliersof the IIUA, w L-slern wear or saddlery stores or call -the— Sun- Valley Horsemen's C^'iilcr,. IS painfull)' slim al tins ^ — ln-Uiltt -situution.- Delimeml^e— novernors and oilier party [)eo[)le aren't even indultilnj; in die cuniiiion political fantasy . Finil Qrn,.i h\ii; in new nnd usfil Hirtnoi in ■1 Visiting VACATHt NINt; IN TWIN FALUS fronr Wesl Germany are Kalne Mlrandt, left, and Gerhard Selhuiedl. the security hraiieli of the German military forces are vislthii; with Sihmledl'N Nlsler, Mrs.

SPECt ATOR -^^^ life An unusual reunion of hi^h st-liool classmates was- held recently in- 'IXvin Falls. am i 1 :iin ^ 'sii Vi- lir will makf ^mh\ on his" wum I," Tdwi-r said in a (lisi'ussion. Slcnnis, sltihiis I.v Wdundi'd in a hold-up wintt T, IS still I'dnvali'sri'iif! with Mil indicali Dn wlifti lie \t dl ri'SUMit' thf I'liairnianship of till' CDiniiiittfi' '.'Wlu'n dii j'dii Iliink thi-si- licariiiji.s ari' likt'h tn taki' placf''" Ttnu T was ak^'d ■■I wi Mild say afti-r ttu' cnimiiillff cump U-lcs om- ,..mdi'i atn'ri ^ jif lilt' I i'i"! Newt , — -Poftrltffi d; Hil da l limntl er K i e M — ON A'ACATION Mr. so on vaciitiou; \Ve will ^^amtim ie the column again a round June 2ti or 27. Iiieiisini; ri'commeiidalli'ns •meiili.oiislhnllheiisr-nf-Tnnre T- liandcuffmi; and corpi Mal punishment has been uncovered at (he raiirh. and m that nia therefore in fad falsely cast aspcr.'on ranrh pcrsinuie! i L-h..i;iiii)luye._Ollicrs have been reporl I by other Times -News Public Forum lhe honest iii\eritit:alion.

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•t^^ilfi S K \ ^ l\ \»^ lo have monthly ttrienlalion nieellnns fur the .ualuii Luui--);--wt)i( man- the leb'phutie at Ihe f*f i'jry, Lotus S c lui) u e k e r , associatiiiii president, reported Uii- croup IS on the waitui^ list fur a Ijoiith at tlit.* Twin Falls ('uiii. ® What do wo gain by installing oloctric sonfice under- ground? in...- Hoi Ne area ineluiles' Idaho ■(aty.-Jii1y-2n.-iinil-Aui! HNNSKKim Y -A lieallll luir illl lie held oil Miiailiiy (hnin Kh Wedhemliiy nl (he fllenns Ferry lll Kb ."ieliiiol. who had t)ecn appointed by tbr- oppiisitiiin party wbieli was in poui'r m Ihe stale at tlu' time, ndt'd ajjaii LSt.aelluu... So this opposition eandidalt' kept hi.s victory, Hut nnt for lunn , The pt'iiple of tluit di.strit?! Twin F.ills, Idnho S First 100 Days A Failure DAVID ESPO SPRINGFIELD. I will a^ree it IS an inconvenience (o he cold while on Riiard duty but the Army is .sup[M)se(l In builil men. would a soldiijr be able Ui fi^ht a w;ir frian a heated ar Ki well 111 lions.-'' As far as fillinn ^a(ld liai;,-. were they thrt;w [orn sterile'' Tins IS what I really want to ki Miw I have been jjoint.! im nencfoiis Wltll the laxpayer.s inofiey If ^;^\■l.■rn^u■lll liou.sini; is not available for- 'any Arm\' persona! This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia.All our xxx movies and dirty skin flicks are already optimized and fitted to play perfectly on your screen at just a touch of a button.

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