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Video Dig it i/er £65 .00 [fi ofna n f i J h r 1 1 i -, Mu us* €37.95- SPECTRUM SPINNAKER EDUCATIONAL ALL £1 .99 EACH ^iooercomp r Aipnaoe T too, Make a race, Aegean voyage, Lotfic Lev F Kids on Keys, Fraction Fevei, Ranch, Number Tumblers, Dance Fanra Up and Add Em, Unbelievable Ultimatflj Now Games |f| f Gig 4 Durell. Dark Empire, Spy v Spy lll p Football Manager, Fighter Pilot, Moniy on Run, Gunrunner, Buteh Hard Guv, Rescue cm Fracrulus, Ranarama, Tujad, Colour of Magic, Pub Games, Deactivator^ Grey-fell, Dog Fight 2197, Bride of Frankenstein. H 2M Ul Ul ia i» Ml Ml m in isa i H IM %m )H Lrtinrt Wel Pwiinn i« Lj, 6 Krna :diicl O.«H.» LHsr1#5 . M«r»rd uwdfrbniid Tfij'n Efii Ibhwi Mwill Matdvbv" Mwn«rttk Miftdsrjdow Marhi Toft* MDunut Mrfki- Mar Tlron.n Mku Mw H^t JSMi|i9 Nig Mihtdf.. Part pf ■ The problem in doing that, [g that you have to complete around eight missions. you'll encounter enemy su- perheroes- These a N have dtf- I ferent characteristics but, needless to say, all of them _ are likely to attack you if you * run in front af them.

S3&*g* ■* peppe ' * K5 &r ,h meat *£ SINCLAIR USER FEBRUARY 1S8B means that you car* wash your trousers while the machine completes all the Decathlon clones far you. ft was pretty good and Phantom Club ^ is the latest game from The same author and has over 500 rooms 1 5001 I ask you! In Phantom Club it is up to you to climb up rhe ladder of | super he roes to become the new elmightly powerful bod and clean up the world.

Moving immediately to the in- side wi M allow you to ride out the cornet and then gradually spped (or even speed mateyl) up once again. In some of the levels, you find yourself climbing whopping great hills These are fine, but you could find yourself bombing it up one with the turbo on full pelt and then suddenly it disappears and you're confronted with a sharp corner.' Weil, believe me, there are h several tricks of the trade de m signed to improve your per formance.Here they are: | • Firstly, most peole realise that when you approach a corner on a bike the best thing I to do is get as close to the inside edge and hang on for _ grim death, or at least until ■ corner runs out - but in Hang On, n is best to approach a g corner right on the outside edge and then bounce around the corner at full speed After | a couple of attempts, you should find yourse H hitting _ the edge of the road and then ■ being bounced back into the road It works all the time and ■ as long as you approach the corner OK, you should miss any road -side obstacles (like | trees, signs and the odd bana- na). ^, Basket Master £5,55, Dark Sceptre f&.5b, Neburus I 6 &Ei, - ■■55, Scruples £6.95, eobsknqh £6.95, Gunahip fl.^, Freddie Hardest £5 55. Match Day II £5 55, Sravestar £6.25, Thundercst* CS-5S. B6, Elite Collection £10.50, Gauntl&n M EB.2B, D i II £5.55, MBrfbarts £5.55, Salamander £5.55, Rampage £6J rt-95, Super Hang On £6.95, N. And pari of the problem is doing that is locating the damn I thrngs. One of the more regular attempts at stardom comes from Spec- scene which is produced by a rather odd looking chap who calls himself 'Saf. However, not put off in any way, I had a quick glimpse through the pages and thought 'Hrnm', If for some obscure reason you wish to think 'Hrnm' as well, then send whatever money you can find in your pockets to Andrew Steel, 85 Kipling Way r Stowmarket, Suffolk (FT 4 1TS, ''mm. Best of Beyond, Argus Press 30 Games, Scott Adams Scoops. Trap, Nemesis, Challenge of Gobots, Hardball, Pyractrrw, S-qma 7, Wibstars, Killer Ring, Elevator Aciion. Hybrid, Stole a Million, Tfiaxos, Deadrintjar, Mounti Mick's Death ride, Krakout, Nether Earth, Infiltrator, Dinamrte Dan Pl r Fair light II, Deathsqapa, Strike Force Cobra, Gooniw^ Leaderboard, Grants Hill, Southern Belle SPECTRUM NEW TITLES Driller £10.50, Rastan f b.b S, Srdear ms £ ft.^5, Combat School £5,55, 720 £6,25, Live Ammo £6-96, Oj-un i fi.? Part of | the problem in doing that is the fact thai to find out what your mission is, you have td I locate a cinema screen. Some will be stationary when you enter ■ the screen and if you Jook around carefully (without moving anywhere) you may ■ just spot a sneeky way around FANZINE FILE Quite a spook s pod let full of funzines arrived this month and so a few have been con- signed to the round filing cabi- net unt N next month.

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