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She text back “I’m seeing this boy-ish and don’t really see it as serious but don’t know what he thinks and feel a bit sneaky going on other dates etc.”Yes I kept the texts and here was some of my riposte. I tried to pitch it confidently using expertise from an article How to Get the Most Girls Online. She played hard to get with long delays between messages and was clearly intelligent. Although clearly the person with which I had been conversing online, she could not compare with the angel I had imagined. I tried to disguise it and we played out a pleasant evening. I cowardly made up a couple of reasons to be ‘busy’. Learning from Girl 3, I noticed Girl 4 on the app, was immediately attracted and after a few evenings of solid chat (mainly terrible Harry Potter innuendos) I boldly stated “I’m not really into this online thing. The final destination was a Yoyo burger and her abode.

The advice was things like don’t smile or look directly at the camera in your profile picture. When I finally got her number it felt like I’d reached Base Camp Everest. readied myself for that first glimpse of her :) I then noticed my phone “Hey, I’m at the bar”. ” I looked over, not sure how I’d missed her ethereal beauty. A few drinks down the line she actually went for the kiss and I tactfully brushed her away. Do you want to just go on a date and take it from there…” I thought she was too hot to say yes straight up but I was wrong. It was a Thursday evening and I had a few days off. During the date I had deliberately not mentioned living at home.

I will refrain from referring to the lovely ladies by name as they don’t have a chance to give their side of the story. Hours of stilted online conversation later it fizzled out.

I thought the term rebound was an unrealistic cliche. After spending a couple of weeks on the ‘all you can eat buffet’ of Tinder swiping, I thought it might be sensible to actually try and meet a girl in person. We got on relatively well and things quickly escalated, first into the local Wetherspoons, followed by All Bar One. Moving into 2015, I was back to square one but had rebounded.

Tricky when starting out as you don’t want to look too weird, cocky or keen.

I hear that, unfortunately, this challenge is taken crudely by some guys.

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We made out in the club and got a Jason Donorvan to conclude the night.However most I have spoken to feel they rarely get given a chance by girls they find attractive.This leads to an arms race for the perfect profile. With this greater supply of males comes more power for girls?So you are already setting yourself up for failure by being "just another lazy guy who sends the same message to tons of women".The girls you are messaging probably receive dozens of the same type of message every day or week, and most get ignored because-why bother?

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