Final fantasy dating sim 1 0 by jamessul

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction One day you're just playing a good game of Final Fantasy XV, and suddenly you're zapped into the realm of EOS.How will you react to actually meeting the Chocobros and joining them on their journey of a lifetime? It's been a very long, hard day at school, and you've been waiting for the moment you can just sit down and relax.But a dating sim to improve your statistics might happen sometime in the distant future.What better way to say sorry for an all-male cast in a slice-of-life adventure with no (initial) playable females?

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This doesn't mean we will definitely see it, but it's a probability. While Japan is a big consideration (and dating sims are still pretty niche there compared to other genres), so is America.

The vast majority of FF fans in Japan are females and they most likely won't be too interested in a dating sim type game. I got both Hatoful Boyfriend and Amnesia while they were on sale, and was worth the five dollars in amusement.

Now if it's done like Persona I don't think it would be too bad despite many people stereotyping the Persona games for being such "JRPG Dating Sim." Persona isn't just a dating sim, folks. FF is made for a wide audience there and is basically like what Co D and GTA are over here. Plus if there was a dating sim, it'd be hilarious to see everyone OOC.

I'd rather they not copy what Fire Emblem did.

Dating sims are popular in Japan but in Japan most FF fans aren't hardcore otakus.

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