Files in etc need updating

If the system is running a kernel older than 3.2, please update it before starting the distribution upgrade.

plugin should not upgrade to buster without backing up data and finding an alternative solution beforehand, as evolution-ews has been dropped due to bug #926712 and their email inboxes, calendar, contact lists and tasks will be removed and will no longer be accessible with Evolution.

WSL also synthesizes pseudo metadata for most of the files in your Windows filesystem.

The problem arises when, for example, you use a Windows app/tool to open, create and/or modify a file under your distro root: Since the file was created with a Windows tool, the file won’t have any Linux file metadata (e.g.

Configurations that override these options but omit these algorithm names may cause unexpected authentication failures.

No action is required for configurations that accept the default for these options.

Changing the system wide defaults in With the next release of Debian 11 (codenamed bullseye) some features will be deprecated.To find the new-style names that will be used, first find the current names of the relevant interfaces: Following various security recommendations, the default minimum TLS version has been changed from TLSv1 to TLSv1.2.The default security level for TLS connections has also been increased from level 1 to level 2.These engines are shipped in a number of different source packages and the concern applies to all packages shipping them.Note: In beta versions of WSL, your “Linux files” are any of the files and folders under %localappdata%\lxss – which is where the Linux filesystem – distro and your own files – are stored on your drive.

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