File parsed but not updating

If everything works correctly, it displays "three green ticks" and closes itself momentarily; otherwise refer to the Unable to launch section.

Updated and started by the Launcher, the Client handles everything from parsing to raiding by processing the raw combat logging output of SWTOR.

file parsed but not updating-64

statistics from other members) located in separate XML files (one per each combat log) in the directory (see above).

Under certain circumstances, especially when actively using overlays and/or sound cues for Timers, Star Parse may crash.

The exact reason is being investigated, however the following is often true: When using Windows DPI text scaling set to 125% (or 150% on 4k screens; see the screenshot), Star Parse may fail to render correctly and its UI can become either too big, too small and/or its menu may stop working.

//The text node is the content of the price element. Create Element("marker"); Xml Attribute attr1 = doc.

My purpose is to give some textboxes to the user so that he can write some information that i want save on the XML file.

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