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Real ice contributes to failed maneuvers–even when the skater has made no error!

Smart Rink adds no errors–failures are always due to mistakes in skaters’ techniques–not due to surface flaws. In contrast, Smart Rink has no errors built into the surface itself to thwart otherwise flawless executions by the skaters. Frequent practices on Smart Rink builds a very high level of stamina!

Former Pro Figure Skater, Robert Strong, has on-lookers that call his spins “a Tornado” and say that he clears the hockey boards when he jumps. Smart Rink gives toe-jump take offs a flawless advantage.

33% of toe jumps when toe picks take a huge chunk out of brittle, real ice which aborts propelling the take-off.

performance strength on Smart Rink which translates into more speed, higher jumps, faster spins with more revolutions on real ice!

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US Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner poses completely nude in the photos below.

It’s still such a big deal, we’re still like kids taking it in.'After hearing the cheers from the crowd she asked her husband to 'do one more'.

When we came across these shots of Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup, we couldn’t help but wonder if his apparent love of going au natural has anything to do with how binding his competition gear must be.

The couple, who have been skating together since 2012 and married in 2016, are making their Winter Olympics debut.

They have already helped the US win bronze in the team competition.

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