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YOU ARE A JUNIOR ON THIS SITE-NO WONDER YOU WILL NOT KNOW ME 3. Note: Posting the Reality of who you are and Posting the Reality of Comments that Make 100% Sense are TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS (AS i SAID I DO NOT SUPPORT ALL SAID BY Bucaneer BUT CAN SMELL SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS WHEN I NEED TO-EVEN IF PERHAPS YOU CANNOT) There is STILL SOME WRONG ELEMENTS with you it seems Bucaneer (Tim G**n*)- The gig is up, dude.

YOU ARE NOT WITH THIS MAN 24/7AND SO DO NOT KNOW WHO HE IS IN HIS CHARACTER ON THE INSIDE 4. You can cowardly hide behind ficticious names all you want.

The global rank declined 352,995 positions versus the previous 3 months.

estimated website worth is US,246 (based on the daily revenue potential of the website over a 12 month period).

IS IT NOT THE CASE THAT THIS MAN CAN HAVE ANOTHER SIDE YOU HAVE NOT SEEN? (I know who you are.) Your whining on the trip in October was relentless (and pathetic). You shouldn't have lied that your wife passed away.

Maybe you should lose another 50 lbs, get a hair cut (don't use a bowl this time) and move out from under your parents'. and PLEASE learn the difference between "new" and "knew". This is outrageously sick (and untrue - THANKFULLY FOR YOU)... You had better pray that carma doesn't catch up with you on this one.

BTW have u found here in the USA a woman in 2 weeks then married her right away, , Man up guys to build a relationship takes times and effort and trust. Everyone knows that people like you say "I don't care about your picture, nor the pigment of your (or her) skin." and have other thoughts in their mind they try to hide from and you are a great hider it seems 4. IF YOU CALL IT ONLINE DRAMA THEN WHY POST HERE-If you did not want to be part of the whole issue 5.

Well don't go posting pictures of other people and complain, but your own picture and complain.. Besides anyone want to know anything on this foolish baseless complain facebook me at .. @parryh "BTW have u found here in the USA a woman in 2 weeks then married her right away, , " (WRITTEN IN CAPS FOR THOSE WITH LACK OF UNDERSTANDING) EXCUSE ME DID YOU NOT READ VERY CAREFULLY? I have sent you questions to answer and you haven't-goes to show that what you say here and how you ACT are two different flips of the coin 6.

Never did i feel on my trip being scammed nor being forced to go out on a date with a girl i did not want too.

possibly receives an estimated 150 unique visitors every day.

The website server is using IP address and is hosted in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany.

and I do not like anyone that causes any sort of friction in my life with his bad reputation, Dream Marriage is a very large company and even though I know a lot of women on that site are just there for kickbacks or just fun, there are real women on that site, now how do I know there are women there that are not for real intentions, my plans were to come over here, spend a week in Odessa meet with two women, then go to Poltava and meet with two more, then to Kharkov and meet two more and then a few days in Sumy for another two, and out of all these women, every single one but one, has said, they will be out of town during my visit and two just stopped writing to me when I told them I was in Odessa and sent them a pic of me next to the famous steps, so our of eight women, that were so eager to meet me, only one, has met me, and tonight she is taking me to her flat to cook me dinner, I feel very lucky for this, now, will we marry and live happily ever after, can not say, too early, but I can say, Alex Pinto caused me some problems, and I have never met the man, I do not know about you, but warnings are here for a reason..luck to all Bucaneer, Truth Is Now Told, It's easy to hide your identity on the internet and make false accusations.

I was on the trip on October 22, 2011 with Wayne and the person's identity who Bucanneer is pretending to be. I live in Manhattan (no I don't work for Alex) and am staying in Poltava. Meet me anytime in either country you want to call her a prostitute to my face. Anyone who wants to know the truth about Alex and not read nonsense, can Facebook me: I'll happily give you information about Poltava and Alex.

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