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In her early adolescence, she loosed her father and then was raised by her mother.She was raised with her younger brother, Alejandro and an older sister, Reyna.

He is also the only Mexican actor to film five successful telenovelas.

He is also a smart investor in the stock market, and he never leaves anything to chance.

Colunga also has a chain of restaurants in Mexico City known as the ‘Fat Colunga Burger.’ In addition to that, he has also introduced to the market his own brand of vodka which goes by the name Pure Wonder ‘Colunga-Mexico.’ Colunga is also targeting the junior market with his new perfume called football team.

Colunga has managed to maintain his personal life away from the glare of cameras and very little is known precisely about his personal life especially with his city-hopping kind of nature.

But that is not enough to prevent the public from noticing his millionaire lifestyle.

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