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Your body is beautiful and valuable, and choosing to wait means you recognize what a big deal sex is.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of waiting or have questions about sexual health, Her Health is here to provide you with answers.

It’s all too easy to believe that the girl with the perfectly curated Instagram feed has it all together.

It’s just as easy to believe that sex is how it’s portrayed on television.

This is understandable for two reasons: Only half of hook-ups involved any genital play, and only one-third included intercourse.

“Hooking up” has more to do with the casual nature of the relationship than how far things go.

The researchers compared GSS data from two periods: The only significant difference is that a larger proportion of today’s young adults are celibate (then 10%, now 15%). The term "hook-up" may be new, but as far as getting it on is concerned, bed-hopping appears almost identical.

We’ve said it a few times, and we’ll say it again: sex is vulnerable and intimate, and the first time you have it is not overrated.Movies, television shows, even your own friend’s experiences with sex have likely made you wonder what the big deal is.As you step into different seasons of your life, from high school to college and beyond, it’s important to know what you haven’t been told about hookups and casual sex.Because of how it’s portrayed, it’s easy to believe that everyone around you is having sex.Because of how virginity is portrayed, it’s easy to believe that it’s something that needs to be discarded – and fast.

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