Fairfield county singles dating

Just ask Tony (not his real name), a fifty-one-year-old entrepreneur.He’ll tell you that downtown, for several years now, is far from the sleepy suburban scene that he first encountered when he got divorced twenty years ago.It’s just not where I want to meet someone.” Why so adamant it can’t happen here?Well, consider the good-looking guy she met not long ago in a popular Harbor Point restaurant.

And she’s increasingly frustrated that a lot of guys her age just aren’t serious.“I was seeing a guy who insists he’s not ready for a relationship but he calls and texts [me] all the time.I just don’t get that.” Like a lot of the women we talked to, Jillian (not her real name), a smart and witty thirty-one year-old entrepreneur, says the guys she encounters online are a bit more likely to be sincere.“In the summer, there’s almost a street party atmosphere; everyone’s sitting outside, even talking to people at tables at the next restaurant,” says Tony.“I bring clients visiting from places like Boston and they can’t believe the nightlife.” Matt enjoyed the nightlife too.

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